Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life in Las Palmas

8/8/11 - So here’s the deal, don’t have any time. :) But I’ll tell you all that I can. It was crazy hard to say goodbye to all the good friends and people we met in Matamoros. But I was excited for the change. The area has been closed for 5 months and the other missionaries in our ward have been working a little in our area, but really it was like starting from new. Were contacting like crazy and getting to know everyone. There are sooo many members here. I would say one on every street. Contacting one day we ran into the stake president, and three other families in the ward. My companion is pretty great. Definitely different, and really slow, and working in a factory before the mission didn’t help too much with the patience part. It’s interesting; I think you have every companion for a reason. My companions before have almost always done the talking... And now and still junior companion, I was expecting the same, but it turns out my comp doesn’t talk much :) definitely a growing opportunity. He has half a year left in his mission and he’s from qeretaro, originally from the D:F (District Federal or Mexico City) but looks Chinese. We arrived in barrio Nueva Aurora and there are about 700 members, but only about 200-250 attend, but that’s a ton considering I came from a ward two weeks ago with 51. IT was a great meeting and I had the opportunity to share my testimony. I really don’t have time but I’m loving serving here in the Mountains. Just lacks a lil snow and ski resorts. Peace

8/15/11- Wow. Really normal week, really couldn’t tell you too much that went down. But thanks mom for asking soo many questions cause without them I wouldn’t have written anything ha-ha. The ward is great, and it was nice again yesterday to be able to go to church. Another great turnout, there are people of all ages, I would say mostly young people, as it is a changing ward. Lots of people moving in and out, but there are definitely some people that have been here a long time. Funny dad you say you’ve been in the bishopric 7 years, cause the first counselor, of just 3 months got released - you just got to move, don’t know why we didn't think of that before. Ha-ha. So yeah still working with my compañero, things aren’t getting a whole lot better, but they aren’t getting worse, again I say it’s just a normal week. We’ve been working to find more people to teach in the area and are finding a lot. I would say with my companion I am learning more than any other companion, even though he’s not teaching me. I guess you could say he’s letting me have some growing opportunities by not participating. He’s a good person and definitely has a personality... But I’m loving the area, loving that we get to wake up to the mountains, makes me miss my mountains, but it’s nice here because although its hotter, it’s not humid, and so its super bearable. Although I do have to mention we ate in the area of our companions and walked crazy long distance in midday, my lips dried up, got a lil burnt, but it was funny cause I was imagining the movie Hidalgo, and how he saw visions when he was super dehydrated, but I didn’t get that opportunity. Tried sending you photos last week, but they didn’t send, and so hopefully you got them. Love you and thank you for your emails. Sorry if I didn’t answer all of your questions mom. But I’m having a great time learning every day.

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