Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Power of the Spirit

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello to all!
I had an incredible week here in Laurelty. To start things off, I always feel like the craziest stuff happens on P-day night, right after I write you guys. For example, Monday night we went out and did some visits, and this 11 year old kid named Gaspar that loves the missionaries really wanted to leave with us, so we took him and made some great visits. It was getting late, about 8:15 at night, and it was really dark, and we went to do one more visit. We crossed a sketchy bridge (nothing new here in Paraguay) and turned the corner, and about 50 yards in front of us we saw about 8 young men walking towards us, yelling, laughing, up-to-no-good. I felt the Spirit really strongly that we shouldn't keep walking, that we should immediately turn around and run. At first, I tried to fight off the thought, and that it wasn't anything, but it came again, even stronger. So I told my comp and Gaspar to stop, and that we need to turn around and run. At this point the guys are a little closer, and they started yelling "come here! pass through here!" so we just started running...after a few seconds I looked behind me and noticed the guys were running after us too. I was really worried because we had the little guy with us, and it was late, but I knew it would all turn out alright. We crossed the bridge, and I remember that the bishop lived no too far away, so we hurried there and hid in his house. Long story short, everything turned out fine, no one was hurt. I am so thankful for the Spirit and its guide in my life. I will get back to that later.
I did a division this week with Elder Christen from Mapleton(Elder Miner my MTC comps trainer), He taught me so many great things, had a lot of advice for me as a missionary. He always carries a Book of Mormon in his hand, for quick references, to be able to give away, and to keep himself focused throughout the day mentally. I am putting that principle into practice, and have noticed the difference in my focus and spirit.
The other night, we went to visit an investigator, and when we showed up at the house, we saw this guy trying to break through the lock on the investigators gate. Once he noticed us, he did the weirdest body movement I have ever seen, kinda like "the worm" but standing up (haha use your imagination). He was looking super suspicious, and we definitely scared him to death. He turned and walked toward us and said that they were family friends and that they were all sleeping. I am pretty sure he thought we were police or spies of some sort (which we always hear). We were pretty worried for the family, so we clapped at the house and the lady came out. We told her about the guy, and so I think it all turned out alright, but it was kind of a funny/weird moment.
We had fast Sunday yesterday, and we haven't been having too much success lately in our area. We are working hard, and being obedient, but its been tough. We fasted with the purpose of finding people to bring to church so that we can baptize soon (hopefully by the end of the month), since we haven't really had anyone since I have been here. I felt the Spirit really working through me this week, maybe more than ever in my mission. We were a little disanimated when before church we walked really far to try to bring an investigator to church, but she wasn't there. We we showed up to church, to our surprise, we had 3 investigators that showed up, all 3 brought by member friends that we have been working with. And during the meeting, a young man right outside the chapel signaled towards me to come out, and I was greeted by another investigator that had come a little late, even though she said she wasn't planning on going, making that 4 people in church. It was such an awesome Sunday, I felt an overwhelming joy sitting in sacrament meeting, seeing all 4 of them enjoying the meeting and feeling the Spirit. I felt the Spirit so strongly that I had to go up and share my testimony. I know that the Lord is always preparing people for us as missionaries, and that if we follow the Spirit, we will find them. I love the mission so much. Even though my family writes me about all the incredibly cool things they are doing at home right now, undoubtedly I am having the time of my life here, and wouldn't change this experience in Paraguay for anything in the world.
Love you all, pray for me and the people here.
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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