Sunday, July 31, 2011

Testimony of the Savior

This weeks adventures, slept in a hammok, cleaned the refridgerator (ewwwwww.....) and went on exchanges with a new Elder from Idaho. It was interessting, The dayI spent with him didn't feel like work, passed by way fast, pure enjoying, and we had sooo much success/felt real good. Changes next week and yeah we'll see how it goes.

Spiritually this week was pretty fantazzy. The people that open up and tell you straight up "I normally don't do this, butI know its right"... Unfortunately it wasn't in our area, but fortunately that it happened :) Zone conference this week was also super great, great to see president Walker and his wife, and great to hear on what we can do better. It was a super meeting and I'm exited for things to come. Another.. and I would say most spiritual thing that happened this week was with an investigator, Antonio. 22 yrs old single, and cuts hair for a living. Two months ago we were contacting houses, and we stopped at his house. It was realy interesting to see his desires to listen, every lesson that we had with him was always special. He was open minded, in part because his uncle just died in an accident in Oaxaca Mexico, he was a return missionary of just months, and Antonio was praying, and asking questioning to find out more about what his uncle was doing, why he was serving a mission, and realy just wanted to know more about the church. He was really open minded to everything and is currently reading in Mosiah. After two months of teaching him, he felt like he needed to be baptised, and yesterday we were able to realize that. It's a great feeling as a missionary to have someone genuinely tell you thanks. What a privilege it is to be here, for all of me that wants to be relaxing on the beach eating taco salad enjoying the family "I normally dont do this, but I know that it's right" I think the most interesting and crucial part of my testimony that I have gained on the mission is that of our Savior. We testify evey day of tithing, Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith...etc. but sometimes we don't focus on who really is our Savior. I had the opportunity to finish Jesus The Christ a few weeks ago and I got thinking of what that really means to me, what the expiacion (atonement) really means. Although growing up (and I mean till I left on the mission) The Jesus thing is good, cute story, baby born in a super humble place and yeah does some miracles and died for us... but I didn't understand. I know my Savior lives, I count my blessings each day and know of his love for each and every one of us.

I invite you to read the discurso de Bruce R Mconkie of April 2011 written 14ish days before his death. Shaun Rhodes

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