Sunday, July 10, 2011

The moving men

July 4, 2011

This week I felt more like a professional mover than a missionary. We helped people move almost every day this week. One house we showed up and he said well, here it is... and his whole house was a mess and filled with junk and on top of that he had a huge garage filled with crap (when I say crap, I don’t mean literal crap. But I do mean crap in the sense that it was completely useless stuff. I swear I carried 5 boxes of old useless computer cords.) We just smiled and said: so... who else is coming... and of course no one else. So, we got to work.

They were some sort of water treatment scientists and so the water they gave us was filled with minerals and tasted a lot like pond... But they were really nice and it was not to bad. The rest of the moves were pretty normal.

We also had a lot of dropped teaches this week. Its so ironic that we plan for so long and care so much, but about half the time, the plan falls through.... haha. We call them and ask: Where are you? And they reply: Oh. I forgot.

It comes in the job description though I guess... But. Let me just say to everyone back home: Be good to your local missionary. Give them leeway when they are late, and try not to blow them off. They have families too....

But. This week has been pretty normal. It has been really hot, which gave me a lot of respect for my friends down south. I could not survive in the heat. It was only mid 70´s and I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. Haha. It gets really hot being in church clothes all the time. And in Finland they rarely have air conditioning, because it would be pretty useless for the other 9 months of the year. So some of the buildings and buses feel like saunas.

The days will start getting colder and colder now, so it should not be a problem for much longer. I am excited to see how well I like the winter here. I do not think it will be to bad because I like the dark and the cold, but katsotan ( we will see--probably spelled way wrong.)

Thats all from me. Thanks for the love

Vanhin Merkleyyyyyyy

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