Thursday, July 28, 2011

Habanero peppers & Much Rain

This week was super fun, Started out with just a bunch of rain. With the rain comes humidity, so not a single thing dries. :) The water level in front of our house raised higher than the last time. And to resolve your question. In the last photo that I sent you, I am a missionary and I cant lie, but I was on my knees so everyone else is right. But the truth is, in other parts of the city it wouldve been more than that height. Dads right. We were riding bikes, and the water level was up to the butt. but with these pictures you cant see the back tires of the truck so it was a little above knee level. This week what was adventurous is that I ate habanero chile. usually it is blended in with the salsa, but in this house, they were just eating chunks, so Ii had to try it, they told me not to chew, butI started chewing and didnt feel a thing. And fifteen seconds laterI was sniffing and burning. It was fun.

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