Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taylor's First E-mail from the MTC...One week in

what a crazy week. i only have 14 minutes left to email i will write as much as i possibly can. so the first day when i got here there was my host that took me around and showed me everything. we went to my room, dropped off my stuff, and i went straight to class. they throw you right into the work. i dont spend any time in my room, our classroom is basically our home. so the first day was really chaotic, but i felt really good about being here. most of the other days have been the same, we usually wake up (always at 6:30...) and either shower first thing or go to gym or do our service project once a week. i wake up at 6:30 every morning and the first couple of days it was no problem. i was surprised that i wasnt dead tired. but then a few days in it started getting harder to stay awake in class. i havent fallen asleep in class once, but when i am that tired i cant really focus and i dont get much out of studying. our class time is split like this... if we have 8 hours of class a day... 4 hours are spent with a teacher in the room. those 4 hours are split in 2 hours of learning about church stuff, and 2 hours about language. then the other 4 hours are split up with about 1 1/2 hours of companionship study (going over PMG basically) 1 1/2 hours of language, and 1 hour of personal. conference was good. i was really looking forward to it because everything else here is crazy and i thought it would be relaxing. which it was but we had to sit in really uncomfortable seats all 10 hours of it. i am not very good at retaining information from conference like stories and topics and whatnot, but i felt like my testimony grew. johns bedroom was in the same building as mine and so every night when we got back to our rooms at 9:30 i could go hang out with him until 10:15. that was really cool i loved seeing john here. i see landon smart at all my meals too and tevin cullimore is in my building too on my same floor and he makes me laugh every night. my companion is a good guy he is really proper and likes to follow the rules exactly. that is not how i am... but its good. hard, but good. there were 9 people in our district but one got moved out cause he knew spanish too well. there is one kid in my district who is really funny his name is elder memmott i call him mammoth cause he kinda looks like the mammoths on ice age. he makes me laugh a lot. he and his companion are going to peru and just got a letter saying that their visas wont be coming when they thought they would so they will be here for at least an extra week (originally it was 3 weeks here total for them, then the peru mtc for 5). i am working on my testimony and i learn more every day.
Love you all,
Elder Millet

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