Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MTC at last

Today has been a really crazy day. The first thing I did was go through tons of different check points. They are really efficient here. Then we went to our lass and had introductions and expectations and just talked for about 2 hours. I love our teacher, she seems really cool and spiritual. She just returned home form a mission 6 months ago. There are 9 Elders in my district. 5 of us are going to Oaxaca. The others are going to Peru and I think Bolivia. My companions name is Elder Pederer, he is from Canada. He is awesome and we get along well. He wasn't sure he wanted to serve a mission when he was 19 and so he waited 2 years. He is now 21, has a strong testimony and is ready to serve. We went to dinner where I saw Brett Grant and John! It was the highlight of the day. We went to a meeting with all new missionaries and the MTC President talked to us. We then had a role play session where investigators (actors) came and we were told to listen to them and find their needs. It was great! One thing is "I can't chew gum!" Oh, well.

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  1. Sounds like Taylor is on an incredible adventure. Sorry I was out of town on his farewell but my husband, Rocky, said it was wonderful! It will be great to share in his mission through this blog. Thanks for keeping us all updated on his mission. What a great son!