Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love the Splits

Well this week was just absolutely fantastic! Tuesday a few priests from the ward went on splits with me and my compañero. Yeah it gave me a lot of confidence in Spanish, and it provided me the opportunity to practice completely in Spanish. My comp for the day was David Lara, he is preparing for a mission, but still is super timid about bearing his testimony. I tried my hardest to help him feel comfortable, but also try to encourage him to try so he could learn how to do a contact. We contacted in the streets when we feel like we need to talk to a person, or we go knocking doors. Its pretty fun for me to try and find new people to teach. And on splits, we did. We had a lesson with a new person, the difference with this lesson, is that my comp from the barrio doesn't know the leccions. Anyway it was an opportunity to teach the complete first lesson. I guess i have improved a lot, cause she accepted a return visit and hopefully understood what the heck i was saying, cause it really is the most important message in the world. Another experience that i would love to share is that this week we had a great spiritual experience. We have an investigator named Ricardo, we have been visiting him for a month or so and we only platice (discuss) outside his house. We really wanted to enter his house and talk to his whole family. So yesterday we asked if we could teach with his family, he said he doesn't think they wanted to, we just asked if we could sing a hymn. He said yeah, with whoever wanted to. So we started singing families can be together forever with just us and him, and eventually his whole family joined. I shared my testimony of my family and realmente en como podamos ser una familia eterna (and how we can really be an eternal family). It was really special, we said a prayer and left feeling super good. They loved it and hopefully we can have more lessons with his family. I'm loving serving a mission and am so grateful for all the opportunities i have already had. Thanks for all that everyone has helped me with in my life to be able to serve a mission. I love you all and pray for you every day. Please pray for the people we are teaching and for the people that are being prepared to open their doors to the missionaries. Love

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  1. What a great letter! He sounds so good and has such a wonderful spirit.