Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fan tazzy Week

This week was fan tazzy. Better than the last. We are focusing more on the families we have and are visiting them every day. The familia castillo - castillo, ricardo, didn't go to church this week but were hoping the next they will. They are great. We found another family young couple to teach that did go to church. Pretty exciting stuff. I love it when the investigators or members make something especial for me, like hot cakes, to remind me of my home. Pretty fantastic. Not much to say except for cambios are in a few weeks and phone home in a month or something? I’m stoked. Spoke in church, went alright. If anything I made them smile. Thanks for everything.

Almost done with Jesus the Christ, on my second round of ldm (Libro de Mormon) in end of Alma, and have read Search for Happiness, True to the Faith, and Our Heritage :) I have a lot of free time cause I don’t have to iron my shirts. If you take care of them right after you wash them, never need to iron them and I haven’t yet. Oh yeah and there are some awesome members here, I told a couple, that feeds me every week or so that our house is their house, cause they are hopefully planning on going to Utah for April conference next year, I hope that’s okay to offer, I figure it is. I have been thinking of how you made lunch for the missionaries twice and they didn’t show. Well we called a member- didn’t answer, and we decided we would go anyways to make sure they weren’t offended that we didn’t show when it was their turn to make food for us, yeah weren’t there. I guess it goes both ways right? It’s happened a few times here, so now we’ve started calling our food appointment in the morning to make sure they are good to go. :) today’s fell through again ... but hey it’s all good.

Elder Rhodes

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