Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Routine Changes at the MTC for Taylor

hey family/friends i have some news. my p day has changed from fridays to tuesdays. they are starting a new program here and so our entire schedule changed yesterday. so, from now on be expecting emails on tuesdays. mom, thank you so much for all the food/snacks you have been sending, but i have tons saved up now so dont send as much. im not saying don't send food- cause i would be crazy if i said that- but just don't send lots of little candy and chips and stuff. i have enough to last me a while cause everyone that leaves here always leaves their food so i have all the food you have sent plus everything from those guys. today one of the elders (elder luker) in our district left to the peru mtc. me and elder piereder were the only 2 in our room (and theres 4 beds) so now elder memmott (mammoth, used to be elder lukers companion) is in a 3 some with me and piereder. its really cool im happy we have a 3 some now cause if i get sick of one of them i just talk to the other more haha. but they are both good guys and i dont have a problem with either of them. just as a reminder, cause i really wanna hear about them, could you send the past 2 emails from john, shaun, and carter. just print them off and send them in a letter cause if you email them to me i wont have time to write emails. things are crazy here again since they changed the schedule. also, in the cafeteria they are re-doing all the tile on one side so only one side is open for meals so there is always a HUGE line. the class schedule has changed so pretty much everything is exactly laid out for us. we used to have something called mdt which stands for missionary directed time where you would kinda choose what you want to do, but now the whole schedule is planned. it has a bigger focus on language, and then theres about an hour each of personal and companionship study. also, we have to wake up at 6 now. its insane. on thursdays we have a service project at 6:05... i cant imagine anything more opposite of what i am used to than waking up at 6 am to go do service. but its not too bad, when we do service we get to wear normal people clothes and sometimes we get to wear cool ghost buster vacuums (vaccums?) pdays rock cause we get to go to the temple and eat breakfast there... its so good. i always get biscuits and gravy and chocolate milk. mom, no one in the world can beat your cooking, thats the truth, but the temple is pretty close. i havent weighed myself here but im pretty sure im gaining weight... seeing as all we do all day is sit and eat. how are things at home? my times is up, i will talk to you soon. i love you guys and miss you.