Sunday, April 10, 2011

La Mision y Conferencia

Lesson of the week... What a blessing we don't have hot water. It was eighty five degrees in the night last night with who knows how much humidity. Sheets felt like the xray blanket thing the dentist puts on you. After exercise in the morning, i took a shower, felt soooooo good nice and freezing. Problem is the towel doesn't dry :) Its been a pretty fun week Really nothing crazy, except i learned how to make gorditas, i want to cook mexicano when i return... its super good. Anyway its fun to teach new people that have never heard of the gospel and are open to the message. Cant believe it has already been six weeks here in Mexico... and i have another six in this ward. Its a great ward now that i am getting used to everyone. So this week was of course... conference. It was fantastic. Things i missed (Sleeping in and waking up to waffles ...(I celebrated and made a banana pancake)...and bacon and the family. Cafe Rio after priesthood session (I had a mango which was good, but no Cafe Rio) and sleeping in the sun on the carpet for like the whole day) things i didn't miss ( the messages of conference) ha ha cause i was awake and actually paying attention. It is weird to think that six months ago i was riding home in the truck with my dad after taking a four wheel adventure ride and thinking "I have plenty of time to enjoy before my mission." yeah it went quick. New elders came in from Utah, i have improved with language and with being comfortable in my environment, things are still tuff, and i still don't understand everything, but I'm working on it. Weird food... i just came from a house where we had soup, with the spinal cord bones of i think a pig but not really sure, and we sucked the cooked marrow out of it, not too bad, but not fantazzy. Fantastic foods. Gorditas, but they are super fattening, i have probably gained like five pounds but they are heavenly. there are a lot of different types. First you have maseca or corn flour but really good, make a dough and press them into a cookie shape, cook them on a platter and cut a slit in them kinda like a coin purse, and you stuff whatever you want in them. They are delicious. There are also gorditas of sugar, kinda like a really fattening really tastey cookie. One talk that i liked this week was given by Henry Erying in Saturday morning, "Preach my gospel... and if necessary... use words." First is that this is a great principle for me, don't speak the language to well but through service and example, we can communicate that we a representative of Jesus Christ and here really to help the people, temporally and also in coming unto Christ. Not only are we serving but "Join with Him (Jesus Christ) in serving." He is with us, he is always there to help us... and the promise "a Man can not give a crust to the Lord, without receiving a loaf." I love serving and when i serve, especially in small things like helping a grandma or such, i feel blessed to be a missionary. Service is a principle of giving, In one talk it was said, "How great is it to meet your needs and to reach out to help someone else to fulfill their needs" But i think even more of a Christ like thing to do it to help someone else meet their needs, and to have faith enough to know that God will provide for your own needs in the future. Missionary work is pretty good, I'm hoping it continues to get better. Pray for the people of Matamoros. Thank you

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