Saturday, December 22, 2012

Secret Buddies


Hey everyone.
We have some exciting plans for Christmas. We are going to be with awesome members and eating and hanging out with them, pretty much the same as last year. Also, we have some good ideas for our Christmas District Meeting. I am going to try and pull off a "Jack Corners Pie" and give little presents to everyone in the district. And then after that, hopefully some caroling. We have a lot to do but I will let you know how it all goes down.
This week we had splits with everyone in the District. It was fun being with them all but it pulled us out of the city for a good chunk of the week. I cant remember a lot of the highlights but just trust me... it was good.

We had a district meeting and it went well. We have been doing secret buddies (just the same as family home evenings back in the good ol days) with the district and last week was the week we told who had who. The first few tries of doing secret buddies did not turn out too well (#1 problem: laziness) but everyone has caught on and it is really fun to see everybody sneaking gifts and candy around. We will do it again this change. Which by the way, we got the phone call and both Vanhin Oberhansley and I will be staying in Kuopio, so it looks like Ill be here for the remainder of my mission.

I cant think of too much else, except that we have an investigator with the craziest dog I have ever scene and it is literally jumping on us and chewing everything the entire time we are there... haha. And also, for Zone Conference we will be going up to Rovaniemi (the most north missionary city in Finland) where Santas village is. It will be a good time.

Ok have a good week. Sorry my brain is sort of scattered. It is that darned Christmas too much to do feeling. But, Im excited for it and we are doing well.

Love you all.
Merry Christmas.
Vanhin Merkley

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