Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jared's week in Brazil

( Apparently we are going to have to step it up so the Merkley's aren't the only ones posting)

 This week was awesome. After all the fun of Christmas and visiting the Americans to get super trunky we had a great week; we started with a man named Assis and he is amazing. We first talked to him when he was drunk and super depressed outside the bar. We felt like we should actually visit him ( usually we don't talk that much with drunks and all that because there are tons and they don't remember anything afterwards) he was still having a hard time but super happy to see us. We talked and marked to come by the next day and talk some more. When we came the next day he had shaved and looked way better. He was happy and excited. We talked and marked for him to go with us the next day to church and when we went to pick him up he was out side waiting. It's so special to see the change in his life. we are also helping to commit a family and it's going very well. Our biggest focus is finding new people still but it's going well. We also have a man named Rafiel and he is awesome. He moved into the Patriarch house and was interested in some of the book that were left. He climbs and bikes and does almost everything I like to do. He really wants to find the true church but is having a really hard time finding an answer.
     Anyways, I'm loving my time in the field and missing all y'all but keep it real and I'll be back in no time.
 rock on--- Elder Schmidt

(It took forever for us to receive Jared's memory card so this photo is his past area but it still made his mother happy)

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