Saturday, December 22, 2012

I May or May Not Have Fallen


This week was a fun one. We went down to Helsinki because Elder Oberhansley had his 6 month language class. We chilled with the A.P.s which is always a party because its Haws and Carr from my MTC days. Its always great to see them they are a ton of fun. We were reminiscing about the good ol´days back in the MTC. I have so many great memories from those times and a large part was because my group was so sweet. I got really lucky. We played floor ball in the morning and it reminded me of how out of shape I am. I have not put on any weight but Im just not used to running a lot. Ya, Im that kid now. I also had a chance to go to the temple. It was really quite and peaceful and really sweet. Finland is super dark these days and so it had a really cool affect with the cold dark outside, and the warm lit up inside of the temple. Very peaceful. Then we had to hustle back to make our train but there was tons of traffic and so the APs eventually told me to hop out of the van and hoof it to the train station (usually not allowed, but it was an emergency...) And so I get out and book it over to my companion who was carrying a load of supplies. I noticed that my backpack was not there. Our exchange went like this: "Wheres my backpack" "What do you mean?" "Um... dang. Ok, nevermind Ill live..." And so without my backpack we took off running for our train. It was slippery and I may or may not have fallen a few times, but its ok because Elder Oberhansley said I looked really graceful still. In the end, our train had already left and we missed it. So, it was back to the APs apartment so that we could make the train the next morning. But, the bright side was that I got my backpack back.

Our tree was dying really really fast. I think at this point it has a grand total of 5 pine needles still remaining. It looks quite charlie brownish but we are keeping it.
We also had another thanksgiving because an American in our ward forgot it was a week ago. So, we celebrated again. I told him that for us, this is even better than in America.... 2 thanksgivings, who woulda thought.

Thats about all. Things are cold and dark but good. Thanks for the love and support.
Love you all,
Vanhin Merkley

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