Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Power of Prayer

I know the power of prayer to be real and my prayers have been answered. 

This week was absolutely wonderful, I can’t even explain it! I was able to go back to my area in this ward and go visit a lot of the members there! I visited Antonio, whose wife that got baptized in March just had her baby and they are preparing themselves to get sealed in the temple when she fulfills one year in the church. We then ate with the Zapata family, where I recently attended their sealing. We visited the only less active convert that was in that area and aside from all her problems that she has recently faced, she committed to go to church and luckily I had the opportunity to go in the morning to church because Antonio asked me to participate in the baby blessing! 
One of my most sincere desires these last few weeks has been to end the mission with all of my "heart might mind and strength" and I have prayed for it. I recognize your prayers as this week I have felt more exited, positive and happy than any other. I don’t understand where energy comes from, just natural energy, and know that sometimes it is just a gift from God. I have been waking up every morning just completely exited for the day and to be able to look for opportunities to serve. This week will be something real special as well cause Ricardo, our investigator that is going to get married instead of asking his wife "will you marry me?" and giving her the ring, cause it was obvious that she was going to marry him, he said "will you be my wife for all eternity" ...not too shabby Ricardo. I think I’m just as excited as he is for his marriage!
The words of Ben Harper many times echo in my head "I am blessed" 
I know the Lord loves and guides us; I know and feel of the domino reaction of helping just one person. I have been able to witness first-hand the miracles that have taken place in Matamoros just cause a dopey kid decided to serve a mission. The people I have had the opportunity to teach, have taught and baptized their family and although I might not have been part of the baptisms of the family I think "what if I would’ve just stayed home" It fills me with the biggest sadness knowing that I might have not found these people to teach. I have found greater joy in this mission than in any other calling. I know that God desires to favor those who have faith.
Every day I have confirmations that the Lord is pleased with my work and inspires me to continue. Dad thanks a lot for your letter, if I wasn’t in a cyber cafe with other people I would have cried. I am grateful to have a better conviction of the feelings and impressions of the spirit.  Love you with all of my heart

Elder Shaun Rhodes

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