Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ups and Downs

This Week was absolutely crazy with ups and downs.
I’ll start with the downs. I walk in to the house of some investigators and we were super exited to share a message we had prepared in the morning on Christmas. So we got in and shared two scriptures, and the scripture Juan 15 ye are my friends when you do what I say. And asked is it okay if we start with a Christmas hymn? And then my happy little face turned into a fake happy grin as the father said, “it’s just that I don’t know… Catholics spend this time of the year on Christmas, but we just really don’t know when the celebrate.” Then trying for a little redemption, I pulled the maybe it’s not in the dates, but in the feelings, and he got me with the “but think of all the people suffering and dying in this city alone…” I loved what they said in the Christmas devotional, Christmas isn’t passed, it’s remembered throughout the whole year.
We also had a great story with some menos activos. It’s one of those “it’s been two years since we went to church and just Saturday we were talking about returning and Sunday and Monday we had a big problem, and you showed up Tuesday. I felt a great spirit with them and feel like they are starting new… regaining the testimony they had lost. I’m loving the work and know that even though we might not feel it, we are guided by the Holy Ghost.I’m happy … Elder Rhodes

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