Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lies and Twisted Ankles

Well howdy to all!
I feel a little uncomfortable right now, because my nose is absolutely fried from the sun, man it is really really hot today. We just got done with a big conference of missionaries from the zone, and proceeded by playing soccer on a synthetic turf field at 12:30 to 1:30...maybe not the smartest idea, given that it is a Paraguayan summer day, but it was great.
I had another great week, the work is coming along great. We have 7 ward missionaries now, 2 of which are recent converts (Alex and Marcelo). We have been going out with members almost every day, and the branch is growing in weekly attendance to about 35. We have been working hard, despite many setbacks in health. I had a funny moment walking out of a visit. All of you know that I have some very week ankles, and about a month ago I had a big twist where I fell completely on the ground in front of many people and they laughed haha. Well, this time luckily it was nighttime, but I was carrying a cake pan because we made a cake for someone, and out of nowhere the ankle twists and I fell again really hard. This time the cake pan went flying as well, and it scared my companion really bad. But it all turned out well, luckily Paraguayan people are so nice and they made me sit down and do some ankle workouts by rolling an old glass beer bottle back and forth underneath my foot haha gotta love it!
I really love Pablo and Miriam, the recent convert couple. They are just the nicest people I have ever met. We visited with them, and I asked about their kids (who live a few hours away, but should come up soon), and she said, lets give them a call! So I got to talk to them on the phone and say hi. I had a moment of sheer joy hit me when I thought of Gods plan for us, and how we can been together forever, as eternal families. I am thankful for my great family, and for temple work and missionary work, because it is essentially the same great work.
A few weeks ago I was bit by a tick. It got in there real good, and I carefully pulled it out, making sure the head didn't get stuck in there. I looked at my leg this week, and realized I still have a big red mark, so I sent some pics of it to AsunciĆ³n, and they think the head might be in there, therefore requiring some not so fun steps, but I think its all fine. I will keep you all updated.
This week was full of lies from everybody. On Wednesday alone, we heard a less active member yelling at her child as we were arriving at the house. Then when we clap, the kid comes out and says she isn't home...hmm... So we do some contacts around the house, and heard a few "otro dia", so I asked "when could we come by again, since today you are busy?" and the lady says, "I have my religion" so I said "that's great! we actually share a message about Christ. What is your religion?" and she responded with "I don't know, any other religion that's not yours (rough translation)"...nice!... So we proceeded to another house where an investigator lives, and a 20 yr. old kid is there. We get to know him for a little, he says he lives there, so we ask him to let the investigator (Liz) know that we were there. He says "Liz...there is no Liz that lives here..." Meanwhile I can see the daughter of Liz, and so I said "are you sure? Her daughter is right there". He follows by saying "oh...LIZ!..ya, she moved"... I say "without her daughter?" Then the little daughter says, "She didn't move, she's just hiding in the bathroom!" I just looked at the guy for about 10 seconds, trying my very best to be patient and loving haha so I said, "well, it looks like she didn't move" and laughed it off. I thought it was a pretty funny story...point of it is, just be honest in all your doings or you will turn out like that guy and look foolish.
Point of it all, is that even amidst all the lies and hatred, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will move on boldly to all those ready to accept it. I know that people are being prepared, and that its my job to talk to everyone and find them! We have a baptism planned for this week for Marilda, keep us here in your prayers! Thanks for the love and support.
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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