Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hi Mom and Dad, my keyboard is super stiff and doesn’t have any letters so well just hope my keyboarding class will come into effect, where you type with plastic covers on the keys.
Well I’m doing absolutely fantastic. Last week thanksgiving came around and I didn’t remember until that night we opened a bottle of Martinelli's that Hna Juana gave us. It was good. Transfers are the 5th of December and it’s a 99 % chance I stay here. The thing is when you are training, which is going along alright, you have a “contract” with the president for twelve weeks. And Elder Heredia and I are doing good together, so it’s almost guaranteed another exchange. So that means I'll be in this ward for our PHONE CALL. No Skype. And the limit is what I make it, I’m thinking about 45 minutes.
We haven’t been able to communicate with Rosy Carmona, but this week we did have the opportunity to have a baptism of Claudia Aguilar. She is great and super exited to get to work. But it was a Miracle everything went well… I think at times you are able to be guided by the sprit enough so it happens, but not without a challenge.
Friday night we felt like we needed to go early Saturday morning to fill up the font, even though our ward mission leader didn’t feel necessary, and wanted to go at 5 or 6, an hour or two before the baptism. Well we got to the church in the morning to find the font full… What a blessing right? It was full cause the pump wasn’t working to drain it from three weeks ago. It was green and smelled like dead fish. We thought “maybe she won’t notice” ha-ha no. So we gots to thinking, I know some people who called some people… some connections… but no one answered. So an hour passed and I thought of my old ward, where you had to pour water in the pump to prime (to make it suck) it and then turn it on. The knob wouldn’t open to pour water in, so I decided we would fill a bag up with water and shove it in the outlet… And it worked, after draining, came a deep cleaning with Clorox. The font was taking ages to fill, there wasn’t any gas to heat up the water (which was the least of the problems; it’ll help her remember it eh?) I swear it was slower than the kitchen sink, so we headed to lunch.
Something was up cause 5 buses passed by without picking us up… and we arrived an hour late for the food. Made the programs and got everything ready and headed to the chapel… to find the font half full and the water turned off… so we stayed the extra hour filling it the rest of the way. It was a pretty baptism and the spirit was felt. I know at times we are left to know what to do, but with sufficient problems. President of the temple came to our ward and taught us the plan of salvation… it was super awesome…
I’m exited as ever for Christmas, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since last Christmas. I hope the letters I send next week will get there before Christmas, if not it will be a happy birthday mom.
With love
Shaun Elder rhodes

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