Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Comp, Gods preparing people to recieve the truth

Hello to all-
This week was a very successful one, and it was all because of the help of members in missionary work here. Our ward mission leader is all about missionary work, and has came up with many great ideas to achieve great things here. We are planning many great activities, setting up appointments to leave with us to visit investigators, recent converts, less-active members, even other active members so that our small branch here can retain more members, and reactivate the lost sheep. The power of working with members is real, so all you members out there, please, help your missionaries.
We invited our district president to visit a couple we are teaching, Pablo and Mirium. They are so prepared, and are progressing at an incredibly fast rate. They aren't married, and have understood the need for a wedding and for baptism, and are very repentant of their past. In our visit, they were able to gain a great friendship with president, and are looking great for baptism. Mirium always shares these incredible comments of faith and obedience. For example, in the word of wisdom, she said she likes coffee, but that if its a commandment of God, she gladly will give it up. She was reading the Book of Mormon and then before going to bed, she was meditating the message it contains, and then prayed for God to contest her. She shared her experience, and how she knows its a true book. She received her answer, just like the Introduction to the Book of Mormon says. She shares these cool dreams, one of which was literally Lehi's Dream and how there was a bunch of smoke, but her family was protected from the smoke. Another dream she had was her in the celestial kingdom with her family. She even said that when we explained baptism and shared how Christ was baptized by immersion, she said it just all makes sense. Sometimes I sit back and think about how incredible this family is we are teaching, and I wanted to share this to say that people are being prepared all over the world. It's our job, as members, to invite them to partake of the joy of the gospel.
We had interviews with the Mission President, he is an awesome example for me. He is a spiritual giant in every aspect. We had a good chat, and I learned so many new ways to improve myself as a missionary. We focused a lot on being bold in the message of the Restoration, and I put it into practice, and have felt the Spirit working through me as I share about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon even more. Every time I share the message of the Restoration, everything feels right, and I know thats' the Spirit. Its a great time to be a missionary and to be here in Paraguay.
Like I mentioned, we have a marriage and baptism here for Pablo and Mirium for this Saturday. There's still a lot to be done, I am praying hard that it all works out for this weekend.
My companion is a local 19 yr old Paraguayan. He is so dedicated, positive, up for working hard, and a great teacher. He is waiting for his mission call, and excited to serve. It has been a great blessing to be with him, we are learning a lot from each other, especially him teaching me Guarani and me teaching him English.
I love the mission....I literally can't describe it. I love being here, and for the leaders I have in the mission, church, and family. Keep me and the people here in your prayers. Love you guys.
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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