Sunday, November 13, 2011

Estas son las Mananitas (Spanish Birthday song)

Saddle Mountain, Monterrey, Mexico

"Wow, I feel tall!"

10/31 Hello family. Well quickly I just wanted to let you know about my companion. His name is Elder Heredia and he is from Peru. In the picture I look like a giant, cause he is super short. We went to the offices on Tuesday to pick them up and President Walker gave us a training meeting. He extended a few awesome promises, and said a few things that really made a difference for me. As you know I was nervous and exited last week, don't know how it would be to run the area… President Walker said that “it's not easy to find thirteen missionaries every transfer as prepared as all you."I have prayed and know that each one of you will be able to carry out the work in you respective areas.” It was really cool to be able to talk with the President and see his influence and desires. I know he has been called in his position to lead us as missionaries by revelation.

My companion has two brothers, one older that has returned from his mission, and his younger brother who is preparing to leave. He really came prepared, doctrinally, cause he was in Peru for one transfer waiting for his visa. It’s really funny how each companion you have, is for a reason. My first few to teach me patience and love… and this transfer I think it’s going to be maturity. Since Elder Heredia has gotten here, I’ve seen a difference in my personality. He’s great and loves to teach, but a lil immature, and still not converted to missionary work… but that comes with time and experiences. We are teaching and growing in unity and know we will be able to help this ward and area. I’m grateful for this gospel and the atoning sacrifice of our savior. I’m exited to e serving and thanks for your prayers…

11/7 I got your package last week and thank you sooooo much for everything you sent. Or maybe I could say thanks mom for putting everything together and thanks dad for writing a mom sized letter. We were looking for something crazy to do today, like bowling, or paintballing, or go carting… asking all the members and got the exact same response every time, “ there’s nothing fun to do here” ha-ha… I felt like responding “Try missionary work”. But we’re going to do the usual, which is really fun to me… soccer. But this morning we woke up, opened the package, hemmed up my pants cause they were huge ha-ha, and here we are. We had an amazing family this week that we found, had a great lesson, and the five of them, all came to church. The loved it and we are extremely exited for their progress and willingness to keep their commitments. Their son Victor is the best, as a joke we said whenever you want you can come visit families with us, hem at the end of the lesson said “you know what you said about visiting families? That really calls my attention… “He’s really helping his family progress, and has already tied his tie for next Sunday. Their dad is currently missing for the situation that is going on right now, and they have been prepared by other missionaries from more than a year ago. Pray for us and pray for the promises we extended them. It’s one of the best feelings of being a missionary.

When someone says their first sincere and humble prayer

When someone feels the spirit and testifies

Of course their baptism

My favorite and most rewarding is progression, and a sincere thanks…

I know this church is true, I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve… We should never think someone is not ready to hear the gospel “Compartelo” .Share It.

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