Sunday, November 6, 2011

10/24 An Unexpected Change

Well well, some good news I’m thinking for me. They didn’t tell us last night of the transfers, which usually come on Sunday night… so we went to sleep not knowing. Woke up and imagined they would tell us the exchanges before study time… yeah no. We decided to play soccer in the park next to our house, cause we couldn’t go shopping, what if we leave, and we didn’t want to write home cause we didn’t know the transfers.

Well it turns out that the president was in his office with the assistants figuring everything thing out for the whole mission, and finally left in time to tell us our transfers before lunch. And…. My companion is going to Reynosa as Senior companion, and I’m…. Going to have a baby. I don’t know his name or where he’s from, cause we go to pick him up tomorrow. I’m super exited, and really nervous. I feel like this last transfer has prepared me to be a senior companion, but not a tutor… ha-ha I’m sure it’s just another one of those do the best you can and give it your all, I’ll let you know the deets next week. Pray a big prayer for the elder Rhodes.

This week was kind of hectic cause my companion has been sick with some sniffles and bloody noses, well after going to the city, outside of our mission, and seeing a specialist, he has a cancerous tumor in his nasal passages, with little veins that sometimes pop and he has bloody noses. But this also means he has to operate, cause it is growing slowly. He’ll get the info next week in his studies and see if he can wait the three months till he gets home off his mission, if not, it’s probable he will have to return to His house early. Feel bad for the kid.

We ate in the house of Hermana Juanna and she told the story, including the part that dad never included, that he spoke just a lick of Spanish and that’s the reason she let em in, to teach them Spanish… Ha-ha what a great time to talk with her and see how much she influences others.

I’m super exited and super nervous; I hope I can show the example of a missionary to my new companion as I have seen in other elders. I’ll be heading for the offices tomorrow, so I’m hoping the package is waiting for me, I won’t open it till MondayJ. Thanks for everything

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