Friday, February 1, 2013



This week was good. We had 11 teaches fall through which was fun. But even with that, we have been teaching a lot and its been cool. We had a solid mother investigator in church who said she really liked it, and then a random guy we had talked to and invited just showed up to church and is now an investigator. Pretty sweet.

We have this other funny older man investigator. His house is a very interesting smell. I would never use the word `good´ to describe it, but maybe something like ´damp´. Ya, damp is more fitting. But the good thing is that after a few breaths, you get used to it. The problem is getting through those first initial breaths... He is a really nice guy though and has been dry from alcohol for over 10 years. It is sad how many Finns drink too much, it is a problem and seems to be even worse in the winter time. One more fun fact about this guy is he collect VHS of recorded t.v. shows. Right now he is up to 850 recorded and saved. I told Elder Oberhansley that I want to be there for the memorial 1000 VHS saved and recorded.

This sunday, President and Sister Rawlings were in Kuopio and giving a talk. We picked them up from the airport, but apparently were supposed to give them a ride to church the next day. We were not aware. 10 minutes before church starts we got a call that said they were ready and waiting... We had walked to church and did not have any way to get them. We asked a member to go grab them as fast as we could. They eventually got there, 10 minutes late. I just sheepishly looked at President Rawlings and gave him a look of ´please don’t fire me´ look. But of course, he just laughed and afterward apologized that he forgot to make it more clear that they needed a ride. Haha as you can imagine, we felt pretty dumb.

Thats about all.
Have a good week.
Love you guys.
Vanhin Merkley

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