Friday, February 1, 2013

Lady Vikings Garden section

This week we had splits which went well. We were in Savonlinna and I got to be with Vanhin Rogers again. They have been having an interesting time down there. They lost their keys and couldn’t get into their apartment, so basically they were living in the chapel for the past week. Taking sponge baths and sleeping on the floor and everything haha. But luckily, when we got there, a locksmith had made them a replacement key a few days earlier and we were able to sleep in the actual apartment. The bike lock was still locked though so we took the bike to a guy and he hacked the lock off. haha Just another day in Savonlinna.

We also had splits with the Zone Leaders and also a district meeting. It was pretty funny because I had been busy and had not really planned a lot for the District Meeting so the day of I was sort of scrambling to get everything together and then I called the ZL and said "Ok, so do you guys have a little message you would like to share today in the meeting" Short pause. Then they go on to explain that they thought they had mentioned that they were taking the WHOLE meeting. He-he-he ew... But I guess that is my payback for not planning in advance. Haha. It was a good meeting and we did a lot of role plays. For those of you who don’t know what a role play is its where you practice teaching and someone pretends to be an investigator. They are slightly awkward at first, but after the first 100 you get used to them. Yep Andy, you will know exactly what I mean shortly....

We have a tradition to do something fun on saturday night (and plus it was my 2 year mark yee-haw)  So we went out to eat at this really sweet Viking style restaurant called Harolds. They have the whole shebang with fiddle music playing, flickering candles, and even viking hats. The waitresses are dressed up all medieval style. It has really cool style and the food was way good. My companion is a big meat eater so he got a big viking style steak. I... ordered from the "Lady Vikings Garden" section... and got a vegetarian salad type thing. But, it was way good and my viking man pride only took a few hits.

It was a solid week.  We are working hard and I am trying to not get too trunky. Haha It actually hasn’t been too bad.
Love you all.
Have a good week.
Vanhin Merkley

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