Monday, February 4, 2013

Hip Hooray moment

This week we had the best week we have had here in Kuopio. We set three baptismal dates and found 7 new investigators. It was really awesome to see everything work out. The baptismal dates are solid and are looking good. Unfortunately, the first one is set for 2 days after I leave Finland.... It is a rough pill to swallow, but still very rewarding to see how excited she is. We were teaching a lot this week and had a lot of cool things happen. We checked up on another investigator who did not know if he could stop smoking, but he had written down a plan to help him stop and was going to go to a help group that week. It was another hip hooray moment.

I'm excited to see you all. But until then yall.
Love you.
Vanhin Merkley

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