Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Lights Went Out

After Christmas we headed up to Rovaniemi for a Zone Conference. It was a lot of fun with all the Elders, although I slightly feel like the old dog in the group. A lot of my friends are long gone and many of the new ones I have never even seen before. The new generation is moving into the mission, and it is strange to see. In the morning we rushed off to Santa Village. The actual workshop is a little creepy but when you finally reach Santa, all uncomfortableness slips away. Well, of course not all but most. We got a picture and when we left, the Zone Leaders gave him a Book of Mormon which was a pretty great idea. Find, find, find...

This week we had district meeting. We played a sweet scripture finding game where if you got the question right you could shoot (basketball) and get extra points. It went well and was fun to see everyone trying to rain three´s in their church clothes. At one point, I missed a lay up but the main reason was that I forgot to take my suit coat off and so it was really tight and restricting. Ya... thats why.
Our car headlights went out this week. They burned out at different times so we have been told that it probably just needs a replaced bulb. Luckily for Elder Oberhansley and I, we know absolutely nothing about cars and how to fix them. I kept telling him, "Man, if my brother was here, he would know exactly what to do..." We called some other missionaries who are more man-ly than us and asked them what to do. After some laughing and a few jokes at our expense, they told us. The directions weren't the most clear so we spent the next hour and a half trying to take the WHOLE front headlight off. We managed to unscrew some screws that were unneccessary before we called again and figured out that we just needed to take off a little plastic piece. Ya, oops. We have got most of it figured out and will continue our little adventure today when we try to get the lights back in place. Keep your fingers crossed...

The investigators here in Kuopio are doing well. There are a few that are close to having a baptismal date. Many of them have a lot of potential and we are teaching a lot and things are going well in that aspect.

Thats about all I got.
Love you guys.
Vanhin Merkley

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