Friday, March 9, 2012

Vanhin Merkley photo update

Here is a handful of the latest photos from Vanhin Merkley:

John.... and, a train...

Sporting the parka

In John's words: "... show Asher the Spiderman one. We were in a thrift store and I saw a Spiderman costume and tried to get (Elder) Rogers to buy it for me, but he said it was way too small and so I tried it on, and it turns out, he was right."

In John's words again: "The comic is something I drew and sent to the APs in hopes that they would put it in the mission newsletter (they do one every change and its called the suomen valo) haha they probably won't do it but it was just a funny idea me and V. Rogers had... What the grandma is saying is "Take more, if it tastes good" (which unfortunately is a real phrase people say all the time, no matter how full you are... haha)"

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