Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moving week in Oaxaca...Fun, Fun

Pues, good week. Elder Stradling and I have been working well. We recently had to pass one of our baptisms because he lives outside of the area. It was really the first person in my mission that I actually started to teach and is going to get baptised. Oh well. I did a few baptismal interviews on saturday and all 3 were baptized yesterday. Tomorrow 2 new elders will come into the area and we will be splitting the area. But, Elder Stradling and I will stay companions for at least the next 3 weeks. We spent a good part of the week looking for a house, because our contract ends this Thursday and the owner wants to sell the house so we need to move out. We finally found a good one, but are just waiting for the permission of President Leyva to get the contract done and get moved in. The house is right across the street from the house we live in right now.

Elder Stradling said something this week that really sums of the difference of the living style between here in Mexico and in the states. He said that people here work to live, but people in the states work to vacation. Haha. Although not true in all situations, I think it sums it up really well.

The work is good here in Oaxaca. A little slow for the time being but we plan on working hard this week. This Saturday Elder Richard G. Scott will be visiting the mission for a conference with all the misionaries, and Sunday he will be presiding the Stake Conference. Out of all of Oaxaca, he chose to come to our stake. Its really awesome and Im really looking forward to it. Although, most members say that he's coming to planch us (planchar is a verb that means both iron like to iron clothes, but in this sense means to bash or rail) haha.
Thank you for your prayers, testimonies, and faithfulness. I love you all and am continually grateful for your love and support.

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