Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June catch-up on Elder Schmidt

          I'm doing well. my area is doing well and life is good.i did a division with my district this week and went back to my last area and was able to talk to a family i baptized and one of the kids just turned 8 and asked me to baptize him. that makes everything worth it. we also found a kid a taught that after i left no one went back. i talked with him a little and told him the other two kids would finish were I left off and help him get baptized. he said yes and it was just an awesome experience that day. even if the kid is that there is very incapable and was sleeping in the lessons. what can you do, they just don't make missionaries like they use to.
          Our area is also doing well and we had the baptism of two brothers victor and luan. this next week we will have the baptism of weldton. he is awesome and soooo ready. we still have a lot we can do better so we will keep working for that. also as some of you already know my house was robed last night haha and we all just kept sleeping. for basically the only time in my life me and another kid that lives in my house took a sleeping pill and i was out cold. our house was all locked but we don't have the key to the back door that opens to the land lords house and two or three more of her houses. so at like three in the morning two dudes got into that part and it was free game. nothing of mine was taken so I'm not to pissed but one kid lost all his pictures from his mission. another kid lost a radio he was using to Liston to music so I'm blaming it all on him. the cool part of everything is that the night before the spirit was trying to warn me. i never lock the doors or do anything like that and just leave it to my comp. last night I locked all the doors and even felt like i needed to lock the back door and tried all the keys but we didn't have the key haha... so I'm not sure why he had me try but what ever. all in all it sucked but no one got hurt and we (they) only lost worldly things so its all good.
          life is good and i hope all of you are doing well. rock on --- schmidt

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