Tuesday, December 21, 2010

El Missionaro

So MTC is pretty good, foods pretty good, and so is the experience. My first day in the MTC i did something that reminded me of the movie (500) Days of Summer. Reality vs. Expectations. Expectaciones: walk in, get my badge and stuff, walk to my room, and unpack. Get comfortable in my dorm possibly take a nap, and meet my companion. Not at all. Instead, Reality: Run the bags inside, follow a frantic line of people getting badges, snapping our pictures and given sooooo much stuff. Got to my building, packed the two pieces of luggage up the three flights of stairs, (fourth floor) and tried the key.... didn't work... wrong building... oh the MTC. :) so packed the luggage back downstairs, to the correct building, and right back up another three flights of stairs. threw my bags in the door (and because i was late, i was the last one in the dorm which means i got the crappy bed next to the door with the smaller desk. Pero esta bien) and rushed straight to my class to learn espanol. I met mi companero Elder Hansen. I was most worried about my companion when i came to the MTC so i had a constant prayer up the three flights of stairs...twice... He is not bad. There is a little problem with desire, and so a big problem with tardiness but hopefully well work through it. After what felt like another twenty hours i went to sleep, slept like a bug. I recommend anyone going into the MTC to sleep on the floor for 6 months before. No one else slept well. We had a few meetings, a welcome meeting and then watched some missionaries teach fake investigators about the gospel. It was surprisingly cool to me.

After i got my ipod all loaded up with Christmas music and the vision of studying in the morning with some Christmas music playing in the background my branch president Elder Shumway said, "the rules about music..... there is none..." I found myself like a little Cindy Lou Ho on the Grinch say, standing with crossed legs and arms in my head softly with a stutter "bu bu but but president.... its Christmas?" i guess well have to wait till next year for the Christmas music.

My P days are usually on Fridays but this week is crazy. I really enjoy our gym time that they allow, it gives me a nice break in between 24/7 church. It was a little hard of a transition for me as i went from church 3 hours (really only two) to the gospel every second, that is unless i am trying to learn Spanish. Spanish is coming along well, sometimes a review but definitely a well needed one. Really overwhelming for the first few days but overall, i like it.

Mom i don't know your e-mail so hopefully i got dads right, but let me know yours, also anyone that sends me a Dear Elder or E-mail, should include their home address so i can write back. Thanks for those.

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  1. haha, that was a great introduction! I remember thinking I was going to have free time to leisurely write letters at the MTC- so, so wrong. It's a good thing they keep you so busy, though. :)
    Good luck Elder Rhodes!!