Friday, December 24, 2010

Buenos Dias

So the MTC is getting just a bit more normal lately, things have started to set in. Because of the Christmas season, we have had six substitutes and only have seen our real teachers once. Things are hectic as the Christmas schedule is really confusing but we just feel it out. We haven't had the opportunity to go to the temple as it was closed last week, this week its closed for Christmas and next week it will be closed for cleaning. Thank you for the packages I'm exited to open them tomorrow, i only wish i had a Christmas book to read on Christmas morning like the polar express or somethin sweet. We are having a Christmas morning in one of our dorms where our district will meet and open presents that our family gave us... i guess Santa doesn't come to the mtc... Weird. I feel like i am learning slowly, especially because since we have had so many teachers, they all want to review over the same things cause they all think we haven't heard it, so i really know how to do companion study, a language study plan, and how to teach the first lesson kinda. On Sundays we can listen to music and the spoken word and its fun to see some of the ward members in the choir.
its funny to think that a couple months ago, i would consider conference addresses a time to go shooting, skiing, or sleeping, and now on my free time, when i have personal study, sometimes i like to go onto and listen to conference addresses and talks. funny how fun changes.
I'm really liking our gym time every day, i get to play volleyball, a nice break from constagospel. There are a lot of really good players and servers, its real fun to just play. I'm definitely missing the snow and skiing, and the opportunity to do whatever i want, whenever i want. haha i haven't really gained much weight, like maybe two pounds but i figured something out. Missionaries don't gain weight because of the mtc food, they gain weight because of the goodies their grandparents send them... Thanks Grandma and grandpa, it was delicious (notice we finished it and only got the package yesterday). So i really like my district and zone we have a lot of really fun people and a lot that i can easily get along with.
MTC is great, you get the opportunity to feel the spirit almost every day.
Not really much else to say, merry Christmas happy new year and keep sending me stuff, its nice to hear from everyone.

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