Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jared will return Sept. 19th and speak on Sept. the 22nd

 One of those wedding I talked about is still going perfect but the other one is being delayed because of the paper work.  They are still really excited about their wedding and baptism but it will all happen after  i get home. Anyways anything else you wanted to know? Sunday the bishop grabbed me right before sacrament meeting and asked me to give a talk on family's. I instantly thought of mom and how she always said that would happen. I talked about our family, told them that everything my mother says happens and what made the difference in my life.It was an ok talk but I could do better and am a lot less nervous to talk in front of everyone but I still get a little little nervous. I'm sure with all the talks I will have to give coming home that I will loose that. 
 rock on --- Schmidt
PS  Jared does return the 19th of this month but will be off with his brothers  in Southern Utah for the first couple of days.  He speaks in our ward at 11am on Sept. the 22nd and would love to see all of you later that afternoon.Those of you who knew the 'little brother' aka Jefferson he is at BYU for a semester and will receive his mission call this next week.  Time flies...

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